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twilight smarts

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twilight smarties
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So, if you want the truth, and nothing else but the truth, I made this community for the people who enjoy reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series without going crazy about them and fangirling every possible place you could think of.

Basically, this community is just like any other. Post your fics, your art, your fic recs, your essays, your discussion topics, anything. This is a community to share anything and everything about Twilight.

Membership is open to anyone, and posting is not moderated. Meaning, you can post anything you like. That does not mean, however, that you can post anything your heart desires. If there is a post in this community asking about how to use Livejournal, I will delete it without warning. If I think your post is irrelevant and adds nothing to the community, I will delete it.

A perfect example would be, of course, ship wars. Come on. Most of us have already gone through this with Harry Potter. There is no need to write in capslock about why it is that you love Edward and hate Jacob. I don't care. Does anyone remember that time when the fandom was peaceful, was coherent, when the fandom made sense? When people treated each other with the respect they deserved? Well, that is exactly the reason why I made this community. I want sanity, not insanity. I want intelligence. I want good input about the books. Twilight has won itself many, many haters and there are people who use it as an example of mockery; some of this was as consequence to the fandom's behaviour. Why don't we do something to stop people believing that? This fandom is just as lovely as any other; let's not flush that down the toilet, shall we?

So, rules (yes, you knew they were coming!). They are not many, so there is no need to worry. Fiction under lj-cuts or links; more than one images under cut; art, same. No introductions allowed on separate entry; you can introduce yourself if there is something relevant attached to the post.

You are allowed to promote other communities if they are somehow connected to the purpose of this community or to the books. You can discuss about the upcoming movie if you want, but no wank and no mocking.

So, long story short, this is our conclusion.

Allowed: fiction, fanart, pictures, fanmixes, icons, ljcuts, discussions, essay, ANY SHIPS, feedback, love, movie updates, inspiration, creativity, NC17 fanfiction UNDER CUT with warning, promoting communities as long as they have something to do with the purpose of this community
Not allowed: bashing, stupidity, introductions as unique posts, inane questions, flaming, webspeak, etcetera

And, um, I think that's it. If there's anything else you think I should add, say it here.

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